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Michael's Top 40 is a music chart based on the personal music taste of me, Michael Trimboli.  I rank my favorite songs each week, moving them up and down similar to the Billboard music charts or American Top 40.  You'll find my current top 40, previous number ones, and my top songs of each year.

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My Story

I'm Michael Trimboli.  In 2001, I was quickly becoming fascinated with the music I was hearing on the radio and videos I saw on television.  I eventually found a community of like-minded people on the internet who created music charts each week based on their favorite songs.  At first it was just a way to participate in an online forum where music fans could compare their tastes with one another. 

The advent of music streaming, and Spotify in particular, made the charts become something more than a list on a spreadsheet.  By listening to the songs in order every week, I could more accurately determine which songs were on the rise, and which were declining on my radar.  I could also listen to past charts that pre-dated the Spotify era.  Most importantly, it made working in the office a lot more bearable, especially on weekends.

As time passed, I realized the charts were something of a musical diary.  I could pinpoint what my favorite songs were during important milestones in my life, such as my high school graduation, my first job out of college, or my wedding day.  As of this writing, over 300 songs have reached #1 on my chart, and thousands of others have made an appearance on the chart in the 20-plus years of its existence.

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